Recreational Registration Information

U6-U18 General Registration Information

The ASC Fall 2014 Recreational Season begins in September and ends late October or early November .
For recreational players U9 and above the deadline for registration is mid August. For players U6-U8 the deadline is late

The recreational player registration fee per season is as follows:
U6-U10 $125.00
U11 & above $135.00

This includes soccer uniforms (jersey, shorts, and socks), park fees, state registration,any coaching fees, and a medal presented to the player at the end of the season party. (Cleats, soccer ball, and shin guards are NOT included.)

Each recreational team will have one practice and one game per week.

Determining your "Soccer Age"
Additional useful information

What's Does "U6" or "U8" (etc.) mean?

"U8" is short for "My soccer age is Under 8".

U8 players cannot be 8 years old (or older) on August 1 previous to the Fall season, as explained above. The system is analogous for U6, U10, etc. In general, U6 players will have "soccer ages" of 4 or 5, U8 players will have soccer ages of 6 or 7, and U10 players will have soccer ages of 8 or 9. Sometimes, U7 and U8 age groups or U9 and U10 age groups are split into these 1-year increments, but our club generally means "U7 and U8" when we say U8 and "U9 and U10" when we say U10.

Since the Soccer age corresponds well (but not perfectly) to your child's grade, you may find this table useful.

Age Group
Most Common School Grade
pre-K, K
1st, 2nd
3rd, 4th
9th, 10th
11th, 12th

Do I have to play in my correct age group or can I move up or down?

U6-U10 age groups

In the U6-U10 age groups, players are allowed by ASSA rules (and thus our insurance) to play up. Thus, we generally allow kids that are young for their grade (e.g., have August or September birthdays) to play with their classmates, even though they qualify for the next group lower. Thus, young 1st graders usually play U8 and young 3rd graders usually play U10. If your son or daughter is unusually large or unusually skilled for his or her age, he or she is also able to "play up". Such decisions are generally made with the guidance of Gary Eyles.

Unlike the other age groups, there is a minimum age for U6. U6 players must have soccer ages of at least 4.

Playing "down" is also possible for U6-U10 teams in unusual cases, but requires paperwork to be filed by our registrar. Please contact us if you want your child to play in a younger age group than is normal.

U11 and older age groups
Classic Info...
For tournaments (particularly State Cup), age groups are observed strictly.

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