ASC Summer Camp 2018

ASC Summer Camp 2019 Information
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D1 West Little Rock
Ages 1.5-4

6 Sessions Starting June 16
Sunday Afternoons

Burns Park
Ages 1.5-9

July 13-August 17
Saturday Mornings

Registration is open!!!

ASC Fireflies Camp (ages 1 1/2-3)

(ages 3 1/2-4)

In 2010 ASC established the Fireflies classes to introduce toddlers to soccer with games that allow them to run, play as a group, and learn basic soccer skills. While building on fundamentals such as balance and coordination they practice basic soccer. Classes incorporate activities that are geared toward a toddler's unique way of learning and include tall cones, chasing bubbles, running an obstacle course, lots of goal scoring and more.
Classes are 30-40 minutes long
Space is limited
Adult/parent participation is required. Shin guards and cleats are not required at this age. But your player DOES need a size 3 soccer ball.

ASC Little Kickers Camp (ages 5-6)
11:30 Saturdays

The little kickers camp will teach basic age appropriate skills in a fun environment. These include but are not limited to; dribbling the ball, fundamental 1v1 exposure, primary foot skills, and shooting to score goals. This camp will encourage campers to develop their mental, physical, and social abilities through creative soccer games and other activities. Kids learn individual skills, teamwork, and most importantly they have fun!

ASC Basic Skills Camp (ages 7-11)
11:30am Saturdays

The basic skills camp will teach basic age appropriate skills in a fun environment. These include but are not limited to: passing, dribbling, and shooting. It will also teach 1v1 attacking and defending, agility with and without the ball, foot quickness and basic techniques.
Players are grouped by age and ability.

Cost for Fireflies $100

Cost for the Little Kickers $110

Cost for Basic Skills Camp $125

All usernames/emails are in lower case letters.

For more information about ASC camps call 501 954 9549 or email:

Summer Camp
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